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USSF is a non-political organization solely for students. All positions require student status. We focus on intellectual growth, responsibility for language, homeland, faith, and ethics. Our main worry is declining morality in Sikh and Punjabi youth. We reconnect them with their heritage through camps, aid, and a magazine. We aid kids aspiring for IAS/IPS too.


Sikh Youth Unite: Empowering Equality, Unity

USSF: Uniting global Sikh students, upholding 1944 Federation values, fostering equality and justice.

The United Sikh Students Federation (USSF) is a non-profit student-led group uniting and empowering Sikh students globally, following the 1944 constitution of Sikh Students’ Federation. Founded in 2019 in Amritsar, USSF provides a platform for Sikh youth to address concerns, led by Jugraj Singh Majhail. Open to all students regardless of background, USSF promotes community service, leadership, and fights discrimination while upholding Sikh values of unity, equality, and compassion. Not affiliated with any political party, USSF stands against hate and prejudice, aiming to create pride and solidarity among Sikh students.

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Valor, Intellect, and Patriotism

Exploring the Legacy of Sikh Warrior-Scholars and Nationalists – Where Valor Meets Intellect and Patriotism

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Insights and discussions on pressing contemporary matters across various domains.

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